About me...

I am a figurative artist, based in Belgium and Spain. I live with the love of my life and my dog .I like daydreaming and listening to some old French music, watching my favorite movies over and over again. Long chats with my friends after dinner " sobremesa" but most of all , i love painting !

Inspired by my previous career as a photographer .
My expertise was in portrait photography, with a special focus on capturing human expression, emphasizing eye contact . My painted characters seamlessly fit into a photographic studio .

My artistic style is influenced by my love for French film and music from the 70/80s, weaving nostalgia into my works . The color choice in my paintings is crucial; i create impact through contrasting colors opt for a monochromatic approach, evoking a sense of serenity .

My admiration for comics also influences my work. I never consider a piece without outlining the characters. Artists like Lita Callebut, Javier De Juan and Spanish classics serve as sources of inspiration, amplified by my Spanish background.
My approach to art isn't nessesarily focused on conveying a message. I believe art is a powerful language of expression, capable of evoking wonder, melancholy, or happiness. Above all, it provides me the freedom to be authentically myself .